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The ACT vs. The SAT - Which Should You Take?

There a few things that you need to consider before you make your decision. To get started you need to look at your three PSAT scores (critical reading, math and writing) and your Selection Index (SI), which is the sum of all three PSAT sections. You then take your SI and add a zero to the end to make it four digits.

The general rule is that if your total PSAT score is below 1500 and your math score is strong, then you will want to take the ACT. If your total PSAT score is over 1500 and your score in language arts is strong, then you would prepare to take the SAT.

There are some exceptions, though. Let’s say your total PSAT score is below 1500, but your math score is low, then you may want to look into taking the SAT. If your total PSAT score is over 1500, but your critical reading score is low, then you may want to consider taking the ACT.

Most will agree that the ACT is generally easier overall. It is also usually recommended for those students who suffer from testing anxiety. It is important to note that you are not penalized for wrong answers or guessing when taking the ACT test.

Besides looking at your academic strengths, you will also want to consider college preferences. If a school on your list prefers one test over the other by accepting an extremely low score on one test versus the other test then it’s essential for you to focus your efforts accordingly. If you haven’t narrowed your college search, then you’ll want to focus on the test that will allow you to excel most & accentuate your skills.

Junior Earns Stand Out ACT Score

Junior Earns Stand Out ACT Score
After tutoring with Timarron College Prep for three months, Christina Gilchrest has scored an unbelievable 35 on the ACT (a perfect score is a 36).  This was her first time to take the test.  Christina ia a junior at Carroll Senior High School where she is a varsity golfer and serves as the team's co-captain.  At this point, she is undecided on her university but plans on majoring in Marketing and Finance.  

"TCP has delivered amazing results for both of our children," said Susan Gilchrest, Christina's mom.  "After spending time with Bobbie, Christina scored a 35 on the ACT the first time she took it. TCP gave her great confidence to head into the exam knowing exactly what to expect. We are thrilled with the results."

Christina is the daughter of Susan and Eric Gilchrest and is a resident of Southlake.

October ACT Scores have arrived!

Please check your act.org login account for your October ACT test results. The scores have arrived for several students.

December ACT Test Results

The December ACT test scores began arriving today. Please log into your ACT account to view your high-level results. The actual test booklet and detailed score sheet should arrive within 2-3 weeks. This is a $19 optional item that can be used to prepare for the February test. On the average, a student will increase his or her score by three composite points by analyzing the objectives missed on the December test.

Black Friday Sale

25% off - Divide the ticket price by 4 and subtract that amount from the ticket price.
20% off - Divide the ticket price by 5 and subtract that amount from the ticket price.
These Black Friday Sales are very similar to a number of questions on the ACT Math Test. We use our math skills on a daily basis without realizing it.