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Campus Based Instruction
Academy Scholars Program
       Program Director: Bobbie Morton

TestElite College Prep will offer a one-day, four-hour PSAT Boot Camp on October 9th. This Boot Camp will provide students with insight into the changes for the redesigned PSAT as well as introduce key strategies proven to help students with the test. The Boot Camp will run from 8:00-12:00 on October 9th to give students some final preparation for the annual PSAT.
The Program
The Academy Scholars is a unique program offered at local high schools available to their enrolled students.  The structure is modeled on The Academy classes we offer consisting of six two-hour sessions, each focused on a specific section of the SAT. Students can expect 60-90 minutes of work between each session offering approximately 18 hours of instruction to help improve test scores.

The Timing
Most sessions meet once a week for six weeks. We schedule the sessions to finish right before an official SAT test date. That way students get the information "just in time" when they need it most. Session 1 and Session 6 are three-week "crash courses." Students will attend twice a week for three weeks. We'll still fit all the material into the session, but the SAT dates only allow three weeks to help the students.

$160 Course
$180 Curriculum & Software License
The Curriculum
Students receive three course textbooks and a copy of "the blue book" for their own use. They also have access to the online curriculum for a full year. With the structure of the classes, that means students can come back to the course to get a "refresher" on certain subjects before they take the test the next time.

Convenient Location
Today's student has a busy schedule, and finding time for quality test preparation can be difficult.  The Scholars program provides convenient classes located on the high school campus from 4:00 - 6:00 Monday through Thursday during each session. 

Schedule Fall 2018
Session 1 (October SAT)
September 12 to October 1

Session 2 (November SAT)
October 17 to November 5

Session 3 (December SAT) 
November 14 to December 3 

Session 4 (January SAT) 
December 7 to January 21