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ACT Changes Accommodation - Extended Time

2018-19 Accommodation Change for the ACT Test

ACT is committed to delivering accurate, equitable measures of student achievement. To support this process, they continually review their ACT® test administration policies and procedures. Based on reviews and valuable input, they are making some changes to their national extended time policy that will go into effect in September, 2018.

Students will no longer self-pace through the four multiple-choice sections over the allotted five hours. All students in the accommodation room will begin the same section at the same time and have the same amount of time to complete that section.

Top Ten Most Difficult Colleges To Gain Acceptance

Stanford - 4.8%
Harvard - 6%
Yale - 6.3%
Columbia - 7%
Alice Lloyd - 7%
Princeton - 7.4%
MIT - 7.9%
US Naval Academy - 7.9%
University of Chicago - 8%
Brown University - 9%

West Point

Many people believe you only learn military skills at the United States Military Academy – but this just isn’t true! Undergraduates are all given the opportunity to work towards a Bachelor of Science degree alongside their military leadership skills. The College is often called West Point and accepts both men and women. However, it’s not easy to get in, with the United States Military Academy only accepting 9.5% of their applicants each academic year. 


Work Your Way Through College - Two Options

As well as having a pretty unique name, the College of the Ozarks also has a pretty unique ethos. All full-time students who attend this college can avoid paying their tuition fees, as long as they take part in the student-directed work problem in exchange for tuition and board. The college focuses on liberal arts and teaches just over 1,400 students across their whopping 1,000-acre campus. However, getting in isn’t as easy as sending in your resume. College of the Ozarks accepts just 12% of applicants each year.

Alice Lloyd College in Massachusetts is another college with a unique twist – as it is another work college. Rather than paying tuition fees, these students not only put in hard work in the classroom but also in the cafeteria or offices where they pay their way. This liberal arts college has offered 4-year courses since the 1980s – although it was first established in 1923 as the Caney Junior College.


College Scholarship App

There is a new app you can download which takes a survey of your skills, abilities, & interests, and then recommends scholarships for which you might qualify. Check it out: SCHOLLY

Scholly was developed by Drexel University student Christopher Gray to help make finding education funds easier for future generations of college students. Gray's goal—in his own words—was to make the app "extremely simple" to use. The app has its own website,, which explains the eight search parameters: race, state, GPA, major, stats, gender, grade, need/merit based, miscellaneous. Search results are instantaneous and cover both new undergraduate students and existing college students. The app also includes extra helps, including a selection of winning college entrance exam scholarships.

There are keywords you can use to waive the access fee.... search google for an updated list of keywords.